Fashion : what about getting more creative ?

Spring, this time of year when the sun's rays act as an antidepressant.

A time of year when the day has the advantage over the night.

Whether we are in confinement or not, it's time to open our windows, let the air pass through at home, clear your mind and above all relive the pleasure of listening to birdsong wake.

It’s also the rebirth season, the migrating birds are back, the trees are blooming, morale is high!

The perfect time to take care of yourself.

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What if we were more creative?  

Albert Einstein said, "Creativity is intelligence that has fun", so let's have fun. In fashion, creativity can appear in different forms.  


1. The fashion look

You are one of those people who at first glance identify the items that will highlight you.

Your creativity is to mix pieces that will highlight you.

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2. Customization

You are a fan of recycling. Transform your wardrobe by customizing it.

It can be a customization by a detail: an embroidery, a painting, a cut or an extension, an addition of part.

It can also be a complete transformation, for example, making a shirt a dress, pants very shorts, a long skirt a beautiful strapless dress, a jacket a vest.

Creative designers can accompany you in your projects.


3. The tailor-made attitude

Bespoke is stage 3 of creativity.

But here too, several possibilities:

First possibility, you ask for a tailor-made existing model to its designers.

Second possibility, you know what you want or you create it with a designer, then you have it made for you, tailor-made.

A dream that corresponds to a reality and which can come true by contacting our exceptional designers and makers.

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4. Image consulting to unleash your creativity 

You don't recognize yourself in any of the first three points? This is more common than you might think.

This is why, and for everyone, it is very interesting to follow an image consulting workshop.

These workshops can be carried out in groups or individually. The goal is to align with his personality to be at 100% of his potential.

You then know the combinations that will highlight you.

A step to get to know each other better which will unleash your creativity and the way you dress.




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