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In the context of the health crisis, MyTailorsAndCo coordinates relationships with seamstresses, manufacturers, for the manufacture of protective masks.
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Simple anti-projection masks

The mission entrusted is to manufacture large-scale simple anti-projection masks for employees who continue to work in their companies during the Covid 19 crisis.
These masks are not intended for nursing staff.
To be able to be marketed, these masks are first tested by the Directorate General of Armaments (DGA) of the Ministry of the Army which gives its approval.
Two new categories of masks for non-sanitary use were created by an information note from the ministries of health, economy and finance, and of labor of March 29, 2020, following an approach supervised by the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), with the support of ANSES.
Individual masks for use by professionals in contact with the public
These masks filter at least 90% particles of three microns.
They are intended for populations brought to receive the public as part of their professional activities (police, gendarmes, cashier hostesses, etc.).
Collective protective masks to protect an entire group
These masks filter at least 70% of the 3 micron particles.
They are intended for the use of individuals having occasional contact with other people, in the professional context. This mask can be worn by all individuals in a sub-group (company, service, etc.) or in the presence of other individuals wearing a mask from another category, when the position or working conditions require it. require.
The use of these masks is part of the strict application of containment measures, work organization measures and barrier gestures.


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